Jessa Duggar's husband warns women that scummy men exist — thanks, Ben

Jul 13, 2015 at 4:13 p.m. ET

This just in from the 19 Kids and Counting camp: Men are commitment-phobes. Thanks for clearing that up for us, Ben.

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Jessa Duggar's husband Ben Seewald took to Instagram Sunday afternoon to fill in all his lady followers on some information he deemed groundbreaking: Not all guys are ready to put a ring on it. Some just want to play with your heart. We're not sure what prompted Seewald's speech, but we appreciate his effort to share the news for any younger, naïve 19 Kids fans who may not have figured it out already.

The Instagram post featured a picture of a couple at a fancy dinner, cheesily locking eyes and staring longingly at one another. Seewald's full sermon in the caption read, " out for dudes that want to date you, but have no intention whatsoever of any serious relationship. A lot of guys want to enjoy you and play with your heart and emotions with no commitment or responsibility on their part. They're thinking 'Why do I need to commit? I'm getting what I want...and when I get tired of her I'll just move on to the next girl I can use.' Just be careful girls. Don't give away your heart or your body to someone who isn't prepared to cherish you for the long haul."


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Not exactly earth-shattering information, but it's sweet to know he was thinking of his lady fans. Of course, you can also read the religious subtext in his last line. Seewald clearly preaches that girls shouldn't get physical with with a dude who hasn't committed to forever. Knowing the Duggar family (and, by extension, Seewald) and their religious beliefs, this is obviously meant as a reminder not to have sex before marriage. That's up to each of Seewald's followers' personal belief systems. A more open-minded person, though, could simply look at his lesson as, "Don't commit yourself to someone who won't commit to you."

However you want to take Seewald's advice and however unoriginal it might seem, it's still cute to see he cares about the hearts of other girls. Especially considering all those sisters(-in-law) he has now! Looks like Seewald, at least, is a pretty decent guy.

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