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Fans are furious over Caitlyn Jenner’s misdemeanor charges

Caitlyn Jenner will only be charged with a misdemeanor in the fatal car crash in which she was involved back in February.

Jenner was involved in the pileup after her Escalade hit a Lexus driven by Kim Howe, which spun onto oncoming traffic, causing more accidents and killing Howe.

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Originally, it was reported by some that Jenner may have been texting, but according to the police investigation, it was just a tragic case of simple inattentiveness and therefore not a felony.

Still, that didn’t stop fans from objecting to the “lenient” charges. (Even though, it’s important to note, cases like this are often dismissed with no charges filed at all, according to TMZ.)

Aside from the sexism and transphobia present in many of these tweets, the fans’ facts are also embarrassingly mistaken.

Commenters too, seemed to believe that Jenner got off easy because she has money.

“Disturbing that the death of a woman by reckless driving can be described as a misdemeanor,” one said. “And I bet if a cyclist was to so much as brush one of Cait’s daughters, they would push for a lengthy jail sentence, sue for damages and be all over the media talking about their agony.”

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Another added, “Ridiculous. Star power wins again.”

Yes, the car crash did result in a woman’s tragic death. But it was an accident.

Video footage of the crash, retrieved from a bus surveillance video, even confirms that Jenner couldn’t be held responsible for anything more than a misdemeanor — not because she’s famous or transgender, but because that’s the law.

WARNING: This video depicts the actual car crash that Jenner was involved in and may be sensitive for some viewers.

It’s also important to note that the misdemeanor covers the criminal aspect of this case. Prosecutors are still considering the criminal charges.

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Howe’s stepchildren have filed a lawsuit against Jenner for wrongful death, claiming she was speeding at the time of the crash, which has not been supported by police finding at this point. TMZ also points out that the two stepchildren had “virtually no relationship” with Howe, who didn’t have any other relatives.

Another lawsuit was also filed in June by talent agent Jessica Steindorff, who said she was hit from behind while stopped in traffic. She was driving with a suspended license at the time.

Do you think Jenner’s misdemeanor charge fits the crime?

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