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How Joe Giudice’s new show is teaching his kids a horrible lesson

When the world gives the Giudices lemons, they make… reality TV! But is it a (wildly!) terrible idea?

Even though Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice were found guilty of tax fraud — and subsequently have both been dealt fairly hefty prison sentences — doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of them. In fact, Joe Giudice just signed on for a new Bravo special, which will chronicle his “life as a single dad” while his better half sits in the slammer.

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Evidently, Joe and his four daughters — Gia, 14, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 9, and Audriana, 5 — have all recently been spotted shooting the multiple-episode special. Last week, cameras were seen at Gia’s middle school graduation, and a few days ago, the girls were caught filming a trip to get mani-pedis with Teresa’s sister-in-law/archenemy, Melissa Gorga. Also, visits to see Teresa in prison have reportedly been shot.

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In addition to their prison sentences, the Giudices were ordered to pay $400,000 to the government, so it doesn’t exactly come as The Shock of the Century that Joe signed on for another reality show — the dude needs money. But it’s hard not to think about the kind of message this sends to his four young kids, who probably don’t remember a time when they weren’t being filmed: Reality TV — not real work — gets you out of a bind. (Even if it is at the expense of your family.)

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I get it. You do what you need to do to pay off your debt. But does anyone else think it’s about time the Giudices close the reality TV chapter of their lives? Haven’t their kids been through enough? The eldest, Gia, is about to enter high school, one of the most vulnerable times in a child’s life. Does she really need cameras in her face still, documenting her every move? Does she really need her entire school — and country! — to know what she and her family are up to? Joe and Teresa Giudice are constantly being ridiculed for their behavior. Some privacy would really do the kids good right now.

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I hate to say it, but as an outsider, it seems like Joe and Teresa really haven’t changed all that much. Of course, we’ll see more on his reality special — which, no doubt, will be heavily edited — but from the looks of things right now, it seems to be business as usual for Juicy and Tre. Hopefully, when Teresa and Joe have finished serving their sentences, they’ll have a new perspective on things… and they’ll finally realize that being on reality television isn’t the answer to their problems. In fact, it actually is the cause of a lot of them.

What do you think of Joe Giudice doing a special on Bravo?

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