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Gigi Hadid’s selling her apartment after terrifying security breach

Unfortunately, being in the public eye has a major downside, as model Gigi Hadid recently experienced.

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Earlier this year, the model of the moment had an incredibly scary encounter with an obsessed fan, who not only wrote her messages on social media about how much he loved her, but also tried to find his way into her New York City apartment.

According to TMZ, the fan — who has been identified as Marcell Porter — was arrested on June 29 after he made multiple attempts to try and break into Hadid’s home. But the creepiest part about this entire story is that, according to police, he actually did find a way around security once and made it into Hadid’s swanky $2.5 million pad. And so, not all that surprisingly, she’d decided to put the apartment back on the market.

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Police documents stated that Porter wrote messages on Facebook including, “I LOVE U. I KNOW EVERYTHING NOW. WAIT FOR ME SOULMATE” and “WHY CAN’T YOU CALL ME? I WILL TALK TO U IN PERSON ASAP. I LOVE YOU ONCE AGAIN,” TMZ reports.

No word yet on where Hadid is planning on moving to, but we’re pretty sure that she’ll be headed somewhere with better security measures in place.

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If you were in Gigi Hadid’s shoes, would you move homes, too? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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