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Fear the Walking Dead‘s first full-length trailer is so gruesome (VIDEO)

Welcome to the apocalypse! Fear the Walking Dead has a premiere date and a gruesome full-length trailer full of walker action.

It’s the end of the world as we know it in AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead trailer. Where Rick Grimes woke up to a barren, walker-infested wasteland on The Walking Dead, the prequel show is all about the slow, chaotic build to the end. The trailer begins like a normal family drama: a kid reluctantly agreeing to visit his dad, a mom teaching a class of uninterested students and a teenage girl whining about her bathroom privacy. Then Nick (Frank Dillane), the eldest son of Kim Dickens’ Madison, wakes up in a drug den surrounded by dead people and a walker with a knife through her chest munching on a junkie.

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From there, the trailer becomes startling and exciting in a completely different way than The Walking Dead tends to be. There is something delicious about the way the trailer winks at the audience because the viewers are in on the big cosmic joke: This is how civilization falls. Still, there are certain things Fear the Walking Dead can offer us that The Walking Dead cannot, if it feels so inclined.

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The big question is: Will it fill in the blanks of how and why the virus spread, or will it be more interested in focusing on the personal drama of the blended family at its center? If it can offer up more answers than its sister show, then Fear the Walking Dead will instantly endear itself to fans.

It is still unclear how long Fear the Walking Dead can last without becoming repetitive, but it should have at least one season’s worth of apocalyptic meltdown to play with before it starts encroaching on The Walking Dead‘s territory. After that, the show has to worry about finding a way to coexist with its predecessor, a show that has redefined the apocalypse genre.

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In addition to the intense trailer, AMC also revealed the show’s premiere date. Fear the Walking Dead is lurching to TV on Aug. 23. Do you like what you see so far?

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