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Prince William lost his cool when Royal Papa cussed out a photog (VIDEO)

Spoken like a true sailor.

Prince Philip was none too pleased with a photographer during a recent photocall. The group, consisting of the 94-year-old Philip, Prince Edward, Prince William and several other veterans, was gathering to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain in London when a photographer was trying to get the talkative group arranged for the picture. When the photographer was becoming a nuisance to William’s grandpapa, he unleashed some rather salty language, saying, “just take the f***ing picture!”

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The incident was captured on video, in which you can hear more than a few snickers and giggles and when the camera pans up to William, standing in the back row, he can be seen fighting back a laugh before giving up and breaking into a full-on chuckle.

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Prince Philip served in the Royal Navy during World War II and is the oldest member of the royal family. Apparently you can take the man out of the Navy but not the Navy out of the man!

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