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The Walking Dead leaked trailer revealed 7 storylines for Season 6 (VIDEO)

WARNING: Real and possible spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead Season 6. If you don’t want to know what’s ahead, don’t look here.

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Of course, with Comic-Con in full swing, it only makes sense for all our favorite nerdy shows to start releasing new trailers, pics and goodies for their upcoming seasons. The new Walking Dead Season 6 trailer, though, wasn’t supposed to be released — at least, not just yet. Who knows how long it will last before someone takes it down, but we’ve taken screenshots of some interesting moments that point to major developments in the upcoming season. Ready?

1. Someone wants Daryl dead

Daryl Walking Dead

Oh, no! Not Normie! Will Norman Reedus’ badass Daryl make it to the end of Season 6? As we all know by now, no one is safe from the walkers or other survivors. This quick shot of Daryl with a gun to his head doesn’t look promising.

2. And he’ll spend time on his own

Daryl Walking Dead

Honestly, this shot was so quick and so blurry, we’re not 100 percent sure what’s going on here. It looks like Daryl alone in the woods. What we’re supposed to focus on, though, is someone’s blackened remains. Whose dead body is he encountering, and just how dead are they?

3. Maggie? Is that you?

Walking Dead Maggie

Who the heck is being attacked by walkers in this scene?! It looks like it might just be Maggie, but we can’t be positive. It could also be Tara, though.

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4. An end to the bromance

Daryl and Rick Walking Dead

It also looks like the brotherly love between Rick and Daryl might be coming to an end. In one of the opening scenes, Daryl tells Rick he “feels different” about some things. That’d explain why we see him alone in so many later scenes.

5. Daryl isn’t the only one alone in the woods

Walking Dead Season 6 GIF

WTF is Carl’s friend, Enid, doing out there all alone, and what (or who) is she hiding from? Something tells us she’s not making it out of Season 6 alive. We’re also betting that’s her body that Daryl finds.

6. Rick is piiiiiiiiissed

Rick Walking Dead Season 6

Don’t cross Rick. Ever. Bro has been through a lot. Everyone knows that. Yet it looks like this season could be a real turning point for everyone involved in Team Rick. It also looks a lot like Rick isn’t taking any ish off anyone. Someone is about to get capped.

7. Does Daryl become leader?

Walking Dead Season 6 GIF

It looks like when Rick and Daryl reach their impasse about what to do with the people of Alexandria, they really will split apart. Will Daryl’s attempts to save and lead the inexperienced survivors lead to more trouble for him?

Now watch it!

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, Oct. 11. Can you wait that long?

Images: YouTube/amc

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