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Party Down South: Karynda spills on how she felt about the fight with Ashton

I can’t believe this is our last week. We’re all very sad, but we decide to make the best of it and go out with a bang (little did we know that we would literally go out with a bang!).

When I finally wake up from my long overdue “nap,” I see that Duke has two girls with him and he is doing absolutely nothing. That’s nothing new. I think Duke just gets nervous and doesn’t know what to do with a female who’s into him. Maybe he’s used to having to chase girls, so when he’s faced with not one but two girls wanting him (and that sexy beard of his), he just shuts down. I think in a few years, Duke’s game will be stronger than his arm, and he might actually score him a lady.

Party Down South 2 Karynda

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We are having a fan-freakin-tastic time at the mud bogs and don’t want to leave, but we know we have to go, so why not keep the party going and get a keg? Last year, we made the keg float, so this year we are not only going to make that thing float, but we’re also going to swim laps around that large pool we have. When we finally get home, Ashton is too busy looking for her flip-flop that “mysteriously” disappeared — instead of helping us pack everything on the RV and load up the truck to take it home. This made me upset because this is not the first time we have had to beg her to help us do something. There have been times when we’ve been cleaning, and she just walks by us and looks at us. Ashton and I have argued numerous times over her not helping us clean and do stuff around the house. I didn’t come on this trip to pick up after seven people and myself, so I hate when I have to do extra work for other people.

We hid the phone so Ashton would help and that plan backfired on us, because she spent the whole time looking for it. She did help put groceries away and then asked me if she could go call Alex. I liked feeling superior and like the mama of the house. When I am sober, I can be very responsible and very mature, but as soon as that alcohol hits my system, all of that goes down the drain. Ashton says she’s only on the phone two times a day, but in reality she is on it most of the day. There have been times when we would all go somewhere and she would choose to stay home on the phone with Alex. If I had a boyfriend at home, I would miss him and call him, but I would also be taking advantage of my getaway and free alcohol. That’s just me, I guess.

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Ashton and Duke Party Down South 2

While Duke and Ashton are arguing, I am surprised that Duke is yelling at her because 1) he’s her best friend in the house and 2) he never raises his voice to anyone. I feel like it takes a lot to piss off Duke. Behind the scenes, the argument between Ashton and Duke was a little more heated than we would have expected, especially coming from Duke. He really is getting at her. This had been building up for a couple days, though, because he was upset about how she had been acting. It was only a matter of time before he lashed out at her, and the same holds true for me. At the beginning of the vacation, I felt bad for Ashton. I thought she was way different than last vacation, but some of my roommates did not. She didn’t bother me much until the end. There was a lot of built-up anger that led to our fight. There was also more to our argument that didn’t make it to air. I was telling her how I felt finally, but in a drunken manner. That’s the problem. When I am sober, I don’t want to be involved in any drama or fights, so I try to not express myself and stay out of everything. But as soon as I get drunk, I let it all out in a hateful way that causes even my good friends at home to get mad at me. I am not an angry drunk, but sometimes when there is a lot of stuff bothering me, I just have to let it out and I can be mean.

In my drunken state, I did not feel bad for yelling at Ashton and jumping her after she pushed me against the wall. She put her hands on me, so I’m definitely going to defend myself. The next morning, though, when I had sobered up, I felt like pure hell for what I did. I know I am way more mature and grown-up than I acted. I have never been in a fistfight in my entire 27 years of living and have never really felt the need to be in one, so I was wondering to myself why I finally stooped this low. I never get embarrassed about anything I do, but this is one thing I am completely embarrassed about. I’m usually known as the drunk girl who likes to have fun and party but also stays out of the drama. This was a different side of me, and I’m embarrassed.

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Ashton Party Down South 2

I apologized to Ashton and told her I understood if she wanted to press charges (I felt like a complete jerk). I tossed and turned in my sleep because I felt so bad for fighting someone in my family. Ashton was not feeling well and wanted to get checked out at the request of her mother. I felt bad for putting her in this predicament, so I went with her. It was really awkward because the doctor asked what happened and then asked me who I was. What was I supposed to tell him? “I am the one who gave her those bumps on her head a few hours ago, but I feel bad now so I am here with her.” I think the doctor knew I was the offender, because he gave me the evil eye a few times. The doctor said Ashton was OK but had a slight concussion and just needed some rest. Immediately, I knew that some of our roommates would pick on her a little and that she would milk this situation more than I would. And I was right.

Something else you didn’t see on this episode was when we went to say goodbye to our bosses. This was a little sad because we all liked our job and our bosses, so saying goodbye sucked. My favorite memory at work was when we were walking on the boardwalk and seagulls attacked my ice cream cone. It was hilarious and epic. When we were officially leaving work, Dylan talked me into going to say goodbye to Joe, who completely ignored me as I was trying to say farewell. This didn’t hurt my feelings, but it pissed me off because he had no reason to ignore me at all.

One thing I love about this little family of mine is that we can put all of the drama from the night before behind us and enjoy our last night together. You couldn’t even tell by looking at all of us that we had literally fought the night before and some of us (Raven and Ashton) weren’t even talking to each other. At this point, I just wanted to make the best of my last night here and not think about leaving the next morning. Honestly, I hate going back home and to the real world after vacation. Who wouldn’t? I am very glad that there is no drama our very last night together.

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I feel like this vacation went way faster than it did last year. Is that because I don’t remember half of the trip? I know I’ve made a fool of myself, but I don’t care. I have learned to own up to it and to keep doing me, which is what I’m doing. My favorite part of this vacation was definitely all of the special girls’ days and girls’ nights we had. We would all get along, party and have a good time together. My least favorite part was, of course, the fight between Ashton and me. If I could change anything, I would tell her soberly how I felt so that the fight never would’ve happened.

That’s a wrap on Season 2! Hope you guys had fun watching this season. Don’t forget to watch our special reunion episode on Thursday at 9/8c on CMT. The craziness isn’t over just yet!

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