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Big Brother fans accuse Jeff of sexually harassing another houseguest

Big Brother contestant Jeff is in a lot of trouble after a new video surfaced of him being grossly inappropriate with another houseguest.

WARNING: The details of this incident are graphic and disturbing. Read at your own discretion.

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During Thursday night’s live-feed broadcast, cameras caught Jeff and Julia in bed together talking. The two seemed to be getting ready for bed and having a casual conversation about the day. But it’s hard to ignore Jeff, who seems to be masturbating under the sheets, unbeknownst to Julia.

It is hard to tell exactly what’s going on since it’s all under the covers. But Jeff then seems to confirm his actions when he jokes about wiping his semen on Julia’s back!

“You have a little stain right here,” Jeff says, pulling his hand out from under the covers to, apparently, wipe something on Julia’s back.

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“Really?” she asked. “What is it?”

“Ya, I dunno,” he responds. “It’s like darker gray. It actually feels kind of sticky,” and, at this, he chuckles to himself.

“Ugh, get it off,” she pleads.

“Ya, that’s not going to come off,” he says, still smiling to himself.

What a creep!

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And Twitter is not taking kindly to his actions, accusing the Big Brother contestant of sexual harassment.

Julia, we’re assuming, still doesn’t know what actually went down, but we’re hoping CBS will address the incident during the broadcast on Sunday.

You can see the actual video of what went down over on TMZ’s website. Another warning for you, though, it’s definitely NSFW. It’s also just downright unpleasant to watch.

Do you think Julia should bring charges against Jeff for sexual harassment?

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