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Are the Big Brother houseguests afraid to evict Audrey because she’s transgender?

It’s only the second eviction on Big Brother, yet we may already know who will win. That’s if you believe last night’s evicted houseguest, Da’Vonne Rogers, (“Mama Day” to her friends). She told Julie Chen that transgender houseguest, Audrey Middleton, will “slide her way all the way to $500,000.”

Why? Because, according to Rogers, simply put, nobody in the house wants to be the one to nominate her, let alone evict her because, “They’re cowards.”

Chen asks her to clarify, to which Rogers explains, “People in the house are afraid of what you guys (the audience) are going to think if they nominate her because of who she is.” Meaning, they won’t evict her simply because she is transgender.

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“I have to explain to them that Audrey, the person, is not Audrey, the player. Those are two different people,” Rogers says, “I understand, and I respect her for coming on the show and doing what she’s doing; but as a player, she’s gotta go!”

As someone with a transgender relative and several transgender friends, I can tell you that the one thing transgender people do not want is to be singled out and treated differently. They just want to blend in and enjoy the same experiences, both positive and negative, that we all encounter every day because we are all human beings. That’s as true for doctors like Marci Bowers and Renée Richards, as it is for actresses like Laverne Cox and Candis Cayne. They see themselves as just actresses and doctors. Period.

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Audrey Middleton is just another houseguest — and a terrific player. I agree with Mama Day: They should vote her out because she’s good at the game and is a threat, not because she is transgender.

One more detail that many bloggers and BB17 watchers have noticed: The houseguests had no issue voting out Mama Day, the only African-American on the show. They understood that she was a cunning, outspoken player, which is all they cared about. She figured out the Twin Twist first, she marginalized Clay every chance she got and she had no problem confronting people she disagreed with while artfully trying to sway them to her side. Therefore, with half a million dollars on the line, it’s not likely anyone in the house is going to worry about another player’s gender identity, sexual orientation or race.

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Personally, they should be worried about Vanessa (the poker player who is claiming to be a DJ). She is the biggest threat in the house because nobody in the house thinks she’s a threat. She’s my vote for BB17 winner.

Who do you think could win? Do you think Mama Day is right? Let us know in the comments.

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