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Kylie Jenner called ‘stupid’ for her bold new look (PHOTOS)

Kylie Jenner is not afraid to experiment with her looks, but when she debuted a bold new hairstyle on Thursday evening, she had a mixed reception.

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The youngest sibling of the Kardashian-Jenner clan took to Instagram to share a series of snaps of her bright blue hair, and fans are freaking out over it, with two of the pictures having already exceeded 1 million likes — but not everyone likes Kylie’s style.

The comments on her pictures have, for the most part, been pretty positive, but there are those who have criticized the reality TV star for her latest decision, accusing her of trying too hard and even going so far as to call her “stupid.”

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Comments include, “I think she looks stupid,” “Her hair doesn’t suit her,” “I don’t get it is that actually her hair?!” and “It looks horrible black with blue” — referring to her black roots and blue locks.

Another commenter was a little kinder with their words, but just as unimpressed, writing, “She is beautiful and always has been, but she is starting to look like a completely different person. I don’t even see @kyliejenner I see a young girl trying to [sic] hard to look her best. Loosing [sic] self.”

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We get it. Kylie has made a pretty adventurous decision with her hairstyle, but is the backlash really necessary? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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