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Teen Mom 2‘s Kailyn overlooks the bigger problems with Javi’s control issues

When is a relationship in trouble? When it looks like Javi and Kailyn’s shouting fest of a marriage.

Kailyn and Javi’s marital problems were out of hand in the Season 6 premiere of Teen Mom 2. They became the dreaded couple who have major arguments in front of family and friends, taking everyone to awkward town with them. The most disturbing part of their epic meltdowns were how they seemed to stem from Javi’s major control issues.

Few things are more worrying than when your partner doesn’t trust you, and Javi proved again and again the he didn’t trust Kailyn to the point where he asked her to give him the passcode to her phone. Had there been some precedent for cheating, his insecurities might have made sense. At least they would have been coming from an obvious place. However, the text that set him off was between Kailyn and a classmate who were working on a school project together. It doesn’t get more innocent than that.

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The fact that the text came in the morning after Javi reluctantly agreed to take his stepson to his father’s house for the weekend so Kailyn could have a girls’ night in Philly with her friends (a trip that had been in the works for months) made the whole situation all the more uncomfortable. Kailyn had already asked javi not to use the trip against her, suggesting Javi has issues with her leaving him and the kids for even a short amount of time. While it was hard to make out the particulars when the couple was shouting over each other, Javi kept coming back to the same point: He doesn’t trust Kailyn around other men, and he didn’t want her to go.

By the time Kailyn said she was done, I was ready to give her a round of applause — until she marched downstairs in defeat to tell her friends she wasn’t going to the concert. Wanting to work on her marriage is admirable. Both parties agree their relationship could benefit from counseling, but anytime someone exhibits that level of control over their partner, it is disturbing.

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Javi has no reason not to trust Kailyn, and his desire to keep her in his sight as much as possible is not healthy for either of them. Not only is the sheer amount of screaming they do at each other a major stress factor, it cannot be good for the boys. They are in a situation where they are both miserable, and it all appears to stem from Javi’s need to maintain control over Kailyn’s personal life.

For her part, Kailyn just wanted to get away for a night. Not even a weekend, just a single night to herself. Spending time with friends is an important part of life, especially when you have kids and a husband because so little time is about you. Kailyn is not perfect, but no one deserves to be treated the way Javi was treating her.

He left her in tears when she had done nothing wrong. If he cannot get his paranoia in check, then there may be no hope for their relationship. The harder he holds onto Kailyn, the more frustrated she is going to feel and rightly so. Monitoring your partner’s every move isn’t romantic; it’s a warning sign. Here’s hoping Javi gets his act together, or Kailyn decides she has had enough because right now this young couple is a hot mess.

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