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Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams reveals why fans are going to be disappointed

Game of Thrones‘ very own Arya Stark has declared her brother Jon Snow dead — and she thinks you need to get over it.

Maisie Williams is as cold as Arya Stark. OK, maybe she’s not that cold (she actually seems quite lovely), but she is ready to disillusion fans. During a recent interview with MTV News, Williams was quick to shut down all those pesky Jon Snow rumors.

“Jon Snow is dead, and you need to get over it,” she told MTV. “That’s my answer to everything. People are like, ‘No, but there’s still hope!’ And I’m like, ‘If you carry any hope, you’re going to be disappointed.'”

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Harsh, much? While I love how straightforward Williams is, I still can’t give up on Jon. Even though Williams seems convinced that her TV show brother is gone for good, there are all kinds of ways for Jon to return. Besides, it’s not the dead part that fans are arguing about, it’s whether or not Jon will stay dead or come back as someone else entirely. Azor Ahai has to rise at some point or Westeros is screwed.

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I am not going to argue with Arya, though. She’s way too tough for me. If she says Jon is dead, then I’ll believe her… for now.

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Williams also had some insightful commentary on the controversy surrounding Game of Thrones‘ treatment of women. She pointed out that while she agreed it should be discussed, she hopes fans don’t get too caught up in one facet of the show when Game of Thrones has so many topics just waiting to be discussed. Currently, most fans are focused on Jon, and despite Williams’ assertions, I don’t think anyone will be giving up hope until Kit Harington shaves his head and signs onto an NBC sitcom.

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