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Sherlock released an early Christmas present for Benedict Cumberbatch fans (VIDEO)

Benedict Cumberbatch is bringing sexy back in the first teaser for Sherlock‘s Christmas special.

Benedict Cumberbatch certainly makes that deerstalker look good. While original-flavor Sherlock makes us thirsty, seeing Cumberbatch’s consulting detective in Victorian garb takes his sexiness to a whole new level. This Christmas, we will all be fanning ourselves as Sherlock and Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman) suit up for a classic, one-off adventure in Victorian England.

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PBS released a scene from the episode and the snappy banter will have you begging for more immediately. It’s not just Cumberbatch’s hotness that is on display, it is also his wit. He is absolutely charming as he channels a more familiar take on Sherlock. Meanwhile, Watson is restored to the storytelling role he had in the original Sherlock stories and Mrs. Hudson is not too happy with his tales. Even Sherlock has something quippy to say about Watson’s storytelling techniques. “Don’t feel bad, Mrs. Hudson, I was barely in the dog one,” Sherlock says wryly.

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For his part, creator Steven Moffat has said the episode will take place outside of the show’s normal narrative and it is the last we will see of Sherlock and Watson until Season 4. “It’s like we checked the books and discovered we’d set it in the wrong time period by mistake and it’s like we’re correcting it,” Moffat said in a BBC statement. “We’re really proud of it; we think it’s a real cracker. But that’ll be it until series four.”

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I think this Christmas romp will hold us over, don’t you agree, Sherlock fans?

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