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7 Doctor Who Season 9 predictions based on the new trailer (VIDEO)

The Doctor and Clara are in for a season full of danger, villains old and new, and a visit from Arya Stark.

Doctor Who fans, the long winter is over, Comic-Con brought us not only a premiere date for Season 9 (Sept. 19), but a brand new trailer as well. The trailer is… well, you have to see it to fully understand just how amazing Season 9 has the potential to be. After the tragic death of Danny Pink and the loss of Gallifrey at the end of Season 8, Clara and the Doctor are back to traversing time and space, and they appear to be embarking on some amazing adventures.

The Doctor is almost manic in his enthusiasm. He dons sunglasses and breaks out a guitar, but he’s also still dark and dangerous. “I’m the Doctor and I save people,” he declares at the end of his epic voiceover. That’s not news, but the creepy new aliens he will be facing off against are. The Doctor and Clara go up against spooky, eyeless aliens, some familiar old enemies and possibly even space zombies — this is definitely going to be a good season.

It’s all a little vague at the moment, but it is an exciting vagueness ripe with spoilers. Here are seven predictions on what could be ahead in Season 9 based on the tantalizing footage from the trailer.

1. Missy is going to team up with the Doctor and Clara

Missy is back and in some kind of trouble in the trailer. Someone (or something) is trying to use her for target practice. It doesn’t seem like she’s there to antagonize our heroes this time, though. Quite the contrary, they appear to all be working together, but against what?

2. Season 9 is going old-school with the Zygons

The classic, shape-shifting aliens known as the Zygons will be in the new season. We catch a glimpse of one snatching a little girl in one frame. The Zygons are particularly scary bad guys because they can appear as anyone as long as they keep the person alive. The new season will have a two-part episode devoted to the Zygons, so expect to see double of Clara and/or the Doctor.

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3. The Doctor vs. space zombies?

Those things climbing out of the mud certainly look like zombies. It’s been a while since Doctor Who took on the undead trope (although it’s going to be hard to top Season 1’s “Unquiet Dead”), but it is always fun to see the show put a new spin on a fantasy staple.

4. Another spaceship adventure

We are definitely getting a traditional spaceship adventure in Season 9. Nearly every new Who season has had the Doctor and his companion land on a typical sci-fi spaceship for a deadly quest, and it seems to be Clara’s turn. The episode will likely feature a brush with death for Clara — just look at how tightly she and the Doctor are hugging while she’s still in her spacesuit.

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5. Arya Stark meets the Doctor

“What took you so long, old man?” Arya Stark — I mean, Maisie Williams — asks the Doctor at the end of the trailer. His response (“You?”) makes me wonder if Williams is playing a character we’ve met before. Could she be a young Clara, perhaps? She did scatter versions of herself throughout time. Whoever she is, the Doctor looks shocked to see her. I’m guessing the fans are just freaking out over Game of Thrones and Doctor Who colliding.

6. The Daleks return (again)

The Daleks are back again. Those pepper pots never stay gone for long. It is hard to tell if the Doctor’s most familiar foes have gotten an upgrade this season, but they are bound to bring out the dark side of Peter Capaldi’s version of the Doctor. That’s good news because Capaldi is amazing at playing an angry Doctor.

7. Clara’s last ride

It has not been confirmed, but given Jenna Coleman has hinted she may be exiting Doctor Who at the end of Season 9, I am going to predict this is Clara’s last run of adventures. If it is, at least it looks like she’s going out with bang.

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What did you think of the new trailer? Share your own Season 9 predictions in the comments.

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