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Joe Giudice’s Bravo special: 6 Things you need to know

Rumors have been swirling for quite some time that a special was in the works at Bravo that focused on how Joe Giudice and his four daughters are coping while Teresa is in prison, and it appears we now have confirmation the show is going ahead.

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Life & Style is reporting that Matt Richards — who counts a number of Housewives among his friends — says the one-hour special will “show the ups and downs of life without Teresa” and that it will “be must-see TV.”

Among other intel, the magazine says the show has already begun filming. Here’s everything else we know about the special so far.

1. Teresa apparently has some concerns about the show

According to a source who spoke to Inquisitr last month, Teresa’s feelings on the special were mixed. “While Teresa is happy Joe will be making some money, she is concerned that she will not be around to filter what her husband and kids are saying and doing,” the source claimed.

2. The show will capture some milestones

While we know there hasn’t been much reason for celebration in the Giudice household as of late, Life & Style says one event of a celebratory nature has already been filmed for the special. According to the mag, cameras were present at Gia’s middle school graduation on June 22. It remains to be seen how the absence of her mother at such a pivotal moment will affect Gia.

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3. More somber moments will also be covered

While the graduation ceremony presents an opportunity for some uplifting viewing, another featured excursion is a little less so. Life & Style says the cameras also followed Joe and his daughters to the cemetery on the day of the one-year anniversary of his father’s death.

4. There is the possibility for more

If the ratings for the one-hour special are on point, it’s possible the network will order more episodes — likely another three — before Teresa’s release from prison in December. Take note, people: If a graduation ceremony and a cemetery visit aren’t going to be enough for you, make sure you tune in to up the chances there’ll be more for you to watch later.

5. Andy Cohen claims to be in the dark

Andy Cohen is a clever man, so he could totally be yanking our chain by simply sidestepping the truth. Cohen recently revealed that he couldn’t confirm if the Joe-focused special were actually happening, saying that, “If it is, I have nothing to do with it.” We can’t imagine a Housewives-related scenario that Cohen wouldn’t be privy to, so it seems safe to assume he has since been clued in to what is going on.

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6. There is no word yet on when the show will air

A possible air date hasn’t been floated yet but given that Bravo will want to allow enough time to film further episodes — should it choose to do so — before Teresa leaves the big house in December, it’s safe to assume the special will go to air sometime in the next few months.

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