Kristin Cavallari gets major flak for her new hair addition (PHOTOS)

Kristin Cavallari, this isn’t your best look.

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The pregnant former The Hills star took to Instagram to plug a new product she’s endorsing: fake bangs attached to a headband. The only problem? They’re fake bangs.

“Wanted to change up my look today with bangs! They are attached to a headband to make it super easy. Check them out,” she captioned the pic of herself cradling her super-cute baby bump in a super-cute red dress and super-cute fringe boots… wearing the super-not-cute hair accessory.

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The internet reacted appropriately.

“What the f***ing f***,” one commenter wrote.

“Just no,” another chimed in, while some were a little more diplomatic about the situation, writing things like, “Sorry girl but those bangs just aren’t the best look for you. Thankfully you didn’t actually cut them,” and, “I am not a fan of this look. But she’s the cutest pregnant girl, ever!”

The link leads to a website showing models looking equally terrible in their Secret Bangs, along with an infomercial starring Cavallari and more models, who try to show prospective customers all the freedom one can achieve with fake bangs that are made out of “keratin fiber,” because that sounds like it’ll seamlessly blend right in.

According to the video, wearers can achieve looks ranging from “flirty casual to daytime professional to nighttime glamorous.”

And the video even shows that dudes will stop in the street and do double-takes just to stare at your bangs when you walk by. You can have it all with Secret Bangs, ladies!

It’s a good thing the video is ridiculous enough to overshadow how ridiculous Cavallari looks in her fake bangs, but we still only have one thing to say to the normally fashion-forward star: Stop trying to make Secret Bangs happen. It’s never going to happen!

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Do you agree? Or would you rock a set of fake bangs? Head down to the comments and tell us how you feel about the look.


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