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Gigi Hadid looks unrecognizable posing next to sister Bella (PHOTOS)

Gigi and Bella Hadid graced the cover of V Magazine this month.

You’ll have to look pretty closely to notice it’s the supermodel sisters, and even then you might not recognize them in this bondage-style shoot.

Gigi Hadid and sister on cover of V magazine

The it-girl duo sat down with fellow model China Machado for an interview for the fashion-centric publication. They discussed their roles in shaping the new generation of models and how they think girl power is playing a major role in the industry now.

Gigi said, “What I’ve been doing every day is I have three goals: be kind, work hard and make a friend. When I do those little things on set every day, those are the things that then lead to creating relationships and building opportunities.”

Gigi and Bella Hadid on the cover of V Magaine

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She said things seem different to her with this new generation of young powerful women in the fashion industry. Gigi spoke about the supportive, feminist attitude that seems to permeates her world: “I think generally we are in a generation of models where it’s becoming normal to support each other, and I think it’s really different. We’re lucky to be in that generation of girls where we’re really pushing for girl power and supporting each other and being friends with everyone.

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She continued, “There are a lot of different girls in the industry — including Taylor Swift — I just did her music video. She put something like 20 successful women in the industry in her video. I felt so lucky to do that because I felt like it was really a sign of our collective willingness to support each other and have each other’s backs and kind of hold hands along the way.”

Gigi isn’t alone in her feelings. Her sister Bella agreed, saying, “No matter if they’re working next to you, below you or above you, be kind and generous to everyone you meet. Yeah, it’s bizarre because it’s weird for people to be nice these days.”

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