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Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry reveals she came shockingly close to a divorce

Marriage takes work, and this is something Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry knows all about.

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From an outsider’s opinion, Lowry might appear to have the perfect life: She’s a mother to two boys, she’s in a loving marriage with her beau, Javi Marroquin, and she’s been focused on getting her degree. But everything is not always as it seems.

In fact, the reality TV star — who will be appearing on our screens for a new season of Teen Mom 2 on Thursday, July 10 — recently revealed to Us Weekly that there was a point in her marriage where things were really rough.

“I think Javi and I went through a really rough patch that started right before we started filming the season,” Lowry told the mag during a press tour in New York City. “But ultimately we made it through.”

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Fans will be pleased to learn the couple is now in a better place, but they also may be curious to know what caused the pair’s problems in the first place?

According to Lowry, the trouble began after the family packed up and moved to Delaware.

“I just think it was trying to get on the same parenting page with Lincoln, and Lincoln was probably only 6 months old [at the time],” she explained. “And I think it was easier for me to make friends in Delaware, because I would go to my breastfeeding support group, CrossFit, stuff like that. And for him, he’s at work all day. So I think that’s, it really was taking a toll on him at that time.”

Things got so bad at one point that Lowry’s husband accused her of cheating after he discovered she had been “texting a classmate about school.”

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“I’ve never given him a reason to be that way,” Lowry said of the cheating allegations. “But again, I go to college, so I’m around people my age and stuff. Javi doesn’t go to school with me, it was hard for him to see my friendships. And so I think that’s what really set him off.”

The two are adorable together, but Lowry admits there was a time when she seriously considered leaving Marroquin.

“There was a point where I was like, ‘You’re going to go to work one day and me and the kids are going to be gone,'” she recalled. “But I think there was a turning point when his mom and his sister sat him down, and they sat him down and they were just like, ‘This is what it is. We’re surprised that she hasn’t left you,’ kind of deal.

“So when I came home one day, he was just completely different, and I was like, ‘This is really weird.’ Like I don’t know how one conversation could change it. And he was like, ‘My mom and my sister put it in perspective for me. You’re not being crazy.’ So I was kind of happy that he acknowledged it. I mean, it obviously takes two, I was a part of it. But there was a point where I think he was contributing more to the arguing.”

To see what played out between the couple, watch Teen Mom 2‘s premiere on Thursday, July 10, at 10/9c on MTV.

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