OITNB: Redditor offers unlikely, but optimistic Bennett theory

Just when our hopes that John Bennett is actually a good guy who will step up as a father hit an all-time low, this Reddit user lifted them back up again.

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Despite professing to Daya early on in Season 3 that a lack of money was no barrier to them being spectacular parents, it only took one confronting meeting with his love’s family to compel John Bennett to disappear without a trace and crush any hope Daya — and we — had of a happily ever after scenario.

We can see how hopeless the situation would have looked to Bennett — his baby mama is in prison, they had to construe a rape situation and lie about the unborn child’s father to keep Bennett out of prison, the financial constraints were going to make it difficult to give the baby the best in life, the aforementioned lie meant Bennett couldn’t raise the baby and the gun-toting Cesar was hardly a great stand-in parent until Daya got out of prison. But that didn’t stop us from being any less aggrieved at Bennett’s apparent disappearance and shirking of all responsibility.

But perhaps we should have had a little more faith in Bennett and not been so quick to judge our favorite CO. One Reddit user, known as MetalLass, is certainly giving him the benefit of the doubt and has posited a theory that makes Bennett a human angel as opposed to a human pile of crap.

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Here’s how the Reddit user’s theory goes: Remember that time in Season 1 where Bennett casually mentioned that his uncle knows the warden who might be able to help them overcome the fact he impregnated an inmate? Yes, well, what if Bennett finally made use of that connection?

MetalLass might be on to something. “I just watched Season 1 again after watching all 3 seasons,” she says. “When Bennett first discovers that Daya is pregnant, he mentions that his father knows the warden, and he thinks about telling them. I think, that he is working behind the scenes to get a pardon for Daya, and that he was behind the raid at Cesar’s. I think Bennett is getting everything in order to not only get Daya and the baby with him, but to get Daya’s siblings to a safe environment as well.”

That’s a theory we’re pretty fond of. And, to be fair, it’s not entirely implausible. But, of course, we should probably be a little realistic. Bennett doesn’t have a history of stand-up behavior. In fact, he’s kinda got a great track record for being a coward (you know, like that whole grenade scenario, lying about how he lost his leg and not owning up to his part in Daya’s pregnancy), so the chances that Bennett is actually some kind of hero are slim.

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However, we should all praise MetalLass for her shrewd observations, which, if nothing else, have now enabled us to entertain the idea that Bennett isn’t a complete douche canoe, preventing us from spending the next year until Season 4 arrives cursing Bennett for his abandonment of Daya and the baby. If MetalLass’ theory turns out to be true, we shall erect a statue in her name.

What do you think of the theory? Totally plausible or too good to be true?


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