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15 The O.C. GIFs that accurately express how excited we are for the musical

The O.C. is back — and on stage, singing.

I think every O.C. fan has secretly wished for the hit show to return to TV since it left Fox in 2007. Yeah, it’s been eight years, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Well, after years of clicking the remote and hoping to see those sweet, tender faces of our favorite spoiled, hormone-enraged and drama-loving high-schoolers — it’s finally back. But, this time, the theatrics are hitting the stage.

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The O.C. Summer Roberts TV Remote

Image: Giphy

On June 24, creators Jordan Ross and Lindsey Rosin — the same geniuses who brought us Cruel Intentions: The Musical — announced the official news that The O.C. Musical will open on Aug. 30. And they slowly keep announcing the cast on the official Twitter account.

So far, they’ve got Drew Seeley (from Jersey Boys) as Luke Ward, Christine Lakin (from Step by Step) as Kirsten Cohen, Jarett Wieselman (senior editor of entertainment at BuzzFeed News) as Josh Schwartz… and Autumn Reeser!

Remember Autumn played Taylor Townsend in the original TV show? Well, goodbye Ms. Goody Two-shoes, and hello Julie Cooper! Yes, that’s right — Autumn will be playing the sly and steely Julie Cooper.

We couldn’t be more excited to hear the recreations of our favorite emo-California songs that helped us fall in love with Newport Beach. Here’s how we took the news when we first heard:

1. Oh, stop joking around, silly

The O.C. Marissa and Ryan at diner

Image: Giphy

2. Whaaa… what?!

The O.C. Summer Roberts what

Image: Giphy

3. Wait, could this be real?

The O.C. Ryan Atwood

Image: Giphy

4. Do you know what this could mean?!

The O.C. Julie Cooper stunned

Image: Giphy

5. OMG, I don’t think I can handle this right now

The O.C. Marissa hugs Julie

Image: Giphy

6. You’d better not be joking with me

The O.C. Marissa cries to Ryan

Image: Giphy

7. So… this… this is a real thing…

The O.C. Ryan Atwood uhm

Image: Giphy

8. Ahhh, I see

The O.C. Summer and Anna Stern

Image: Giphy

9. I don’t believe it!

The O.C. Seth Cohen spidey suit

Image: Giphy

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10. Yes! Yes! Yes!

The O.C. Seth Cohen yes

Image: Giphy

11. I’m really excited and trying my best to stay cool

The O.C. Seth Cohen smiling

Image: Giphy

12. But, wow! I never thought this day would come!

The O.C. Marissa Cooper share bear

Image: Giphy

13. Let’s celebrate!

The O.C. Marissa celebrates

Image: Giphy

14. It’s time to party!

The O.C. Marissa and Summer cheers

Image: Giphy

15. Just can’t keep all of this happiness contained! Dance it out!

The O.C. Julie Cooper dancing

Image: Giphy

But, here’s the catch: The musical is scheduled to air for only one night. One night! According to E! News, it will show on Aug. 30, at Sterling’s Upstairs at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood.

The O.C. Marissa Cooper screaming

Image: Giphy

We agree, Marissa.

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