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Lizzy Caplan reveals her ideal onscreen lesbian love interest

Lizzy Caplan, better known as Janis from Mean Girls, was immersed in the LGBT community at a young age.

She was recently interviewed by the gay news website,, where she revealed her ideal girl-crush and how the LGBT community helped shape her childhood.

When asked about her introduction to the community, she said, “I can’t remember a time in my life without gay people. My uncle is a power gay, and I spent so much of my childhood at his house. I’d never even think twice about why his pool parties were all guys with amazing bodies and really tiny bathing suits.”

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Of course, she was asked if her high school experience was anything like Mean Girls. She said she tried hard to be popular, but popularity at her school was much different than in the movie. By that, she meant it was cooler to be gay. “I went to a performing arts high school where being odd or different was appreciated. It was actually cooler to be gay than straight. If I were lesbian, I would’ve been so much more popular.” So she did what all high school kids would do: She tried to be more popular!

Which, naturally, led her to her first major girl-crush: a Delia’s model. She said, “Remember the Delia’s catalog? I used to get a bunch of clothes from Delia’s because it was the bomb, and there was this one model in the catalog who was so beautiful and seemed so cool. I decided that in order to fit in with the older musical theater guys… I would try really hard to fall in love with this girl. I’d cut out her pictures, paste them on my binders, and tell the gay boys I had a thing for this chick.”

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Her high school experience gets even better when she talks about her friend Benji and her best friend Max. “We’d drive around in [Benji’s] car and when giving directions we weren’t allowed to say, ‘Go straight.’ We had to say, ‘Go gaily forward.’ I thought it was lovely.”

Of Max, who is still her best friend, she said, “He is the gayest man I know. He was always ridiculously popular because he’s flamboyant and hilarious and smart and wonderful. We were roommates forever.”

Caplan is currently the star of Showtime’s Masters of Sex, which returns July 12 for a third season.

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