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The X-Files trailer’s new footage will give you major nostalgia (VIDEO)

Mulder and Scully are back, and just the sight of them will hit you straight in the nostalgia bone.

Fox wants you to know that if you start rewatching one episode of The X-Files every day beginning July 7, you can finish the entire series just in time to watch the premiere of the six-part miniseries on Jan. 24. That’s 201 days of Mulder and Scully goodness, people (and an excellent excuse to revisit “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space,” “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” and all of the other classic episodes). As exciting as the idea of tackling an entire series rewatch is, though, nothing compares to the final scene of the trailer.

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At the very end, Fox offers up new footage. It’s nothing groundbreaking and it tells us nothing about what lies ahead in the miniseries, but it is Mulder and Scully all suited up, busting into a room with their guns blazing, just like old times. The nostalgia is very real.
This one simple scene is the perfect reminder that The X-Files is such a welcome reboot. Even though the content is vague, just seeing these iconic characters back on TV again brings back all those old familiar feelings. There is even room for a little speculation. Mulder and Scully are clearly in a run-down room — check out the old-school sink in the corner. It’s a dusty, dreary place that is featureless aside from the candles sitting on a counter in the corner. Could this be a scene from the possible “Home” sequel?

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Wherever they are, it doesn’t matter. The truth is still out there, and it looks like Mulder and Scully might find it this time. Just the fact that Fox is going to let us see them try is exciting enough — new footage is just a bonus.

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