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Bethenny Frankel’s not giving up without a fight in latest divorce proceedings

This is a record-book divorce, a marathon battle if there has ever been one, and Bethenny Frankel is not giving up without a bitter fight.

New court documents obtained by Radar Online show that Frankel has appealed the initial judge’s ruling that she allowed her ex-husband to live in their TriBeCa home.

Frankel’s ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, currently lives there with the couple’s young daughter. The argument Frankel is making is in conjunction with the insane details of the property’s purchase. According to her lawyer, the court “erred” in its initial ruling, which allowed Hoppy to keep the home. The apartment was purchased through a trust, which Frankel is now claiming is invalid and thus the ruling is wrong.

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Now, here is where it gets a little confusing. The Real Housewives of New York star claims that she never met the lawyer who apparently witnessed her signing the paperwork for the trust and that Hoppy’s mother was the notary for the deal. She, apparently, is only a notary in Pennsylvania and not in New York. So, Frankel is making the claim that since the trust through which the property was purchased has been invalidated, the person supplying the money — Frankel — should be awarded the property as a matter of law.

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Frankel is also fighting to have the spousal support terminated. Her lawyer said, “On March 12, 2010 the parties executed their Prenuptial Agreement in which they mutually waived spousal maintenance from the other ‘both now and in the future.'” So, Frankel is saying that the court forcing her to pay her husband’s bills while they are duking it out in court is baloney.

Doesn’t look like this one is ending any time soon, so grab some popcorn, folks. It’s just getting good.

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