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I Am Cait: 8 Beautiful moments from the new trailer (VIDEO)

The new trailer for I Am Cait is here, and it showcases so much more than Caitlyn Jenner’s impressive style.

The 30-second teaser is emotional and wholeheartedly uplifting, giving us a good snapshot of what to expect in the series with some amazing moments.

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1. Caitlyn has such a great energy

I am Cait 1

Gif: E! Entertainment/YouTube

People talk a lot about how much more relaxed she seems, but you can see it on her face. There is a sense of calm throughout this trailer. And even when she’s upset, she seems content in her decisions.

2. Girl time

I am Cait 2

Gif: E! Entertainment/YouTube

In her interview with Diane Sawyer, Caitlyn revealed she has “girl time” with a select group of friends where she can completely be herself. In this teaser trailer, we get a glimpse of these wine-and-dine moments with the girls.

3. Her mom reacts

I am Cait 3

Gif: E! Entertainment/YouTube

Caitlyn’s mom also joins in on girl time. She totally sold us in the Diane Sawyer interview, and it looks like she’ll continue to do so in the series.

“My first feeling was ‘I lost my son,’ but then I thought, ‘You know what, I’m gaining,'” she reveals in all her adorableness.

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4. Advice for the kids

I am Cait 4

Gif: E! Entertainment/YouTube

“Hang out with the people that love you and respect you,” Caitlyn tells a group of children, which is advice anyone can appreciate whether you are part of the LGBT community or not.

5. Caitlyn and Kylie hug

I am Cait

Gif: Tumblr

The youngest Jenner and her dad share an emotional moment together. Kylie has been very vocally supportive of her dad’s transition.

6. Caitlyn talks about her kids

I am Cait 6

Gif: E! Entertainment/YouTube

“I want them to be proud of their daddy,” Caitlyn says in an emotional moment

7. Caitlyn and Kris have the same style

I am Cait 7

Gif: E! Entertainment/YouTube

“Mom has that dress,” Kim Kardashian tells her dad after Caitlyn pulls out a look she loves.

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8. Caitlyn’s model moment

I am Cait 8

Gif: E! Entertainment/YouTube

In the final scene, Caitlyn twirls around with her dress in her hands and looks absolutely stunning, which seems to send the message that despite all the struggles, being true to yourself is happiness.

Check out the just-released trailer below.

I Am Cait premieres on Sunday, July 26, on E!.

Will you be watching I Am Cait?

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