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Sonja Morgan planning ‘revenge’ on the RHONY housewives is a horrible idea

Sonja Morgan has been the target of much — OK, all — ridicule among the ladies of The Real Housewives of New York. Now it’s being reported, though, that Morgan is sick and tired of being a punching bag and she’s got big plans to get even.

Oh, Sonja. What are you doing, sweetie? The girls were just trying to help. OK, well, some of the girls were just trying to help. Anyone who’s caught a few minutes of The Real Housewives of New York this season knows that Sonja Morgan is in the crosshairs of pretty much all the women. Sick of her drinking, partying and “business ventures,” the RHONY ladies have taken to criticizing Morgan nonstop — typically behind her back (not cool!), but sometimes to her face, as Bethenny Frankel recently did.

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Morgan, understandably, has had it, and in last week’s episode she blew up at everyone for their incessant attacks. She even skipped out on a trip on a yacht with the girls (who loves yachts more than Sonja?!), instead choosing to stay at home to exercise in a dress and a pair of wedges. In short, she’s done with the ladies, and now, according to sources, wants to get revenge on them in the form of some sort of “attack” at the reunion this year.

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Page Six is claiming that even though filming has been over for months, Morgan still is upset over the way the rest of the cast treated her this season — especially over their behavior in Turks and Caicos, which was a vacation she treated everyone to. “She feels there’s just been criticism of her life and her lifestyle,” a source said. “She thinks they are selfish, inconsiderate and mean after she treated them to a vacation. She is tired of their insensitive behavior.” Morgan evidently has been plotting to “strike back” at each and every one of the women in the presence of Andy Cohen when they all meet again for the reunion.

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Two words, Sonja: bad idea. One person against an entire group never has a good outcome, and for what it’s worth, it really did seem like some of the women — Bethenny, in particular — really were just trying to help. Of course, Bethenny doesn’t always have the best execution (yelling “shut the f*** up?” Not a good look, B.), but it seemed like everything she was saying truly was out of concern. If it wasn’t, she would have just said it behind her back.

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She may live a rich and fancy life, but sometimes, watching Sonja really is upsetting. She often does appear to be unraveling, and I can’t imagine her “revenge” on the women coming off as anything but, well, ridiculous.

Sonja’s best bet is to simply say her piece to the women and then move on with her life. No more talk about her businesses to the ladies, no more psychopharmacologist-speak, no more dog funerals and hitting on dudes 20 years younger than her. Sonja needs to focus on getting her life together, not on a “revenge” at a silly reality TV reunion show.

Besides, wouldn’t getting her life together be the sweetest revenge of all, anyway? Food for thought, Sonja!

What do you think of Sonja’s behavior on RHONY this season?

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