Critics think Giuliana Rancic has had work done and needs to eat (PHOTO)

Giuliana Rancic is not everyone’s favorite person — that much is clearly evident from her social media pages. But the shaming that the Fashion Police host keeps facing because of her slender frame is really getting out of hand.

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Taking to Instagram on Monday evening, Rancic shared a picture of herself wearing black jeans and a lace top as she stopped to take a selfie before shooting the newscast for the E! network. “Just shooting a little @enewsfrom #chicago today,” she captioned the snap.

But, instead of focusing on the good things about the picture (her hair looks great, that top is super cute and she seems happy), critics have once again commented on Rancic’s weight — a topic she has repeatedly discussed in the media, and she has made it clear she is trying to bulk up since her cancer diagnosis.

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Some of the unnecessary comments include, “Eat girl,” “You need to put on some weight,” and “Shes [sic] beautiful…. but her arm isn’t even as wide as the phone… love her but she’s a tad too skinny….”

The television personality has also been accused of having some work done. One Instagram user wrote, “Driving me crazy.. I can see something different about you on e [sic] news tonight. did you have work done???”

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Calling out critics might seem like a bit of a double standard since Rancic makes fun of people’s outfits for a living, and there’s no denying that a lot of those comments can be hurtful and unnecessary, too. But you don’t have to like who Rancic is as a person to understand that skinny shaming her is uncalled for.

Women should uplift and encourage each other, not knock each other down or make someone else feel ashamed of her body. Don’t you agree?

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