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Bobbi Kristina’s extended family kicked out of hospice for one good reason

Many would consider the new report, which claims Bobbi Kristina Brown’s extended family has been banned from visiting the Atlanta, Georgia, hospice facility where she is currently residing, as good news. Especially given the fact that someone in the family tried to make money off her tragic situation just last week.

As previously reported, someone, who, according to TMZ, is an “extended family member” of Bobbi Kristina’s, was allegedly shopping around a picture of her lying on her hospice bed.

The move was disrespectful and extremely distasteful, and it appears to have spurred the decision of Bobbi Kristina’s legal guardians to kick out all the members of the Brown family, except for her father, Bobby Brown.

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“The hospice, based on their discussion with the fiduciary, has decided that only the guardians and the caregivers are allowed,” to visit Bobbi Kristina, a source revealed to People magazine. What this means is that “Pat [Houston], Bobby and anybody involved with the guardianship, including Cissy [Houston]” can enter the 22-year-old’s room, but other Brown family members can’t.”

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While not every family member is responsible for trying to take advantage of Whitney Houston’s daughter’s situation, it is completely understandable that her guardians want to be vigilant about protecting her from any further incidents during this difficult time.

However, there might be some semblance of good news for the Brown-Houston family. According to TMZ, Bobbi Kristina’s legal guardians have now discovered who leaked the picture — but they are reportedly not naming any names at this point.

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