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#RichKids‘ Dorothy Wang: Why Roxy should have flown to London with the group

I fell in love with London when I studied abroad there while I was at USC. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world and I try to visit whenever I can!

I was so excited when Brendan and Morgan decided they wanted to take a trip there to celebrate their engagement. It was a lot of the group’s first time there and I couldn’t wait to experience everything and build new memories together — across the pond.

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Roxy not coming on the trip was disappointing exactly for that reason. I spoke to her when I heard she wasn’t coming and told her just that: that maybe this is a great way for her and Morgan to move forward and create some new, happy experiences together. And I know we all have our issues and our fights, but at the end of the day, we always show up for each other, and I was nervous that not showing up for Morgan on this trip would have sent a serious message. I wasn’t speaking to anyone after the huge blowout at my birthday and I still showed up to the Bahamas trip — and it ended up being the best thing I could have done to move on from all the drama.

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As we know, in the end, Roxy didn’t feel comfortable going on the trip and chose not to attend. To be honest, I think the issues with both Morgan and Bobby together were just more than she thought she could handle on one trip. Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect and understand her decision; I just think that if she was able to force herself to go, as uncomfortable as it may have been, her and Morgan may be in a completely different place right now. Who knows, though; I could be wrong.

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I think our group dinner that ended with Bobby storming off was very unfortunate. But as a group, I think we can only hear so much about something without speaking up about it. I think that Taylor very much felt two different ways about Bobby, and it was very hard for us, as her friends, to hear one side expressed to us and then see a completely side when he was there. I think that Taylor truly cares about Bobby and was scared to tell him how she was feeling. Lesson of the day: If you want something to be said for you in the most brutally honest way, tell Jonny!

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