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Sarah Jessica Parker is not a feminist for a really good reason

Sarah Jessica Parker is not a feminist.

And after hearing her explanation, I might not be, either!

The Sex and the City star appears on the cover of Cosmopolitan‘s August issue. In her interview, Parker waxed poetic about being a human and being a feminist and what all that means in a society like we have today. She said, in all her wisdom and glory, “As Wendy Wasserstein would say, ‘I’m a humanist.’ I’m enormously appreciative of the work that my mother’s generation did. We are the beneficiaries of a lot of disappointment, heartache, discouragement and misunderstanding. But I see a lot of people trying to sort out their roles. People of color, gays, lesbians and transgenders [sic] who are carving out this space.”

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What Parker is saying is that there are lots of types of humans all trying to “carve out” their own space in this world, so she considers herself an advocate for humanity, not just women. But she understands there is still work to be done, and she doesn’t want people to think she doesn’t see that.

She explains, “I’m not spitting in the face or being lazy about what still needs to be done — but I don’t think it’s just women anymore.”

Parker finished with one of the most important statements that has been said about the human race in quite some time. She said, “We would be so enormously powerful if it were a humanist movement.”

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What an amazingly strong idea to propose! Parker makes it clear she understands and doesn’t negate that women still have hurdles to overcome, but the makeup of today’s society is vastly different than that of any generation before. We are closer than we have ever been to having equal rights for all, and we would be much better served by everyone helping each other get there than by each faction of society only trying to further one slice of humanity. By helping to improve all of humanity, we make everyone’s lives better.

OK, so I’m not quite ready to abandon my post on the feminist front just yet, but what a thought, huh? A humanist movement. Wouldn’t it be great for such a thought to catch fire? It’s not just girls who want to have fun; everyone wants to have fun, and if everyone pitches in, we might one day get there.

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