Kaitlyn Bristowe basically gave away the final two Bachelorette suitors

Jul 6, 2015 at 4:47 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

To quote Chris Harrison, this truly has been the "most dramatic season of The Bachelorette yet." And, despite being slightly disoriented from the emotional rollercoaster we've been on, we couldn't help picking up a few clues about which suitors may be headed home.

Heading into tonight's episode, we know heads are going to have to roll sooner rather than later — Chris Harrison shook things up last week when he announced Kaitlyn would have to cut her suitor pool in half so she could enjoy fantasy suites early.

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So out of Shawn, Nick V., Joe, Jared and Ben H., who'll wind up on the chopping block next? Here are a couple of context clues we think hold solid hints.

Kaitlyn endorses Ben H. as the next Bachelor

The Bachelorette

When asked by People, with whom she collaborates to blog about her experience, Kaitlyn said of the potential next Bachelor, "I think Ben H. I think he's just a well-rounded and solid guy who knows what he wants... he's a gentleman, he's funny. He's a really, really, really solid guy and he's extremely handsome."

Wait, did we miss the part where Ben H. got voted off? Oh, no. No we didn't — because it hasn't happened yet. But we highly doubt Kaitlyn would be offering him up as the next Bachelor if he makes it to the final rose ceremony. Le sigh.

A crying Jared appears to get hauled off in the limo

The Bachelorette

In the promo for this week's episode, Jared is seen crying in what appears to be a car. And, c'mon, we all know what that means — a lonely and emotional limo ride is in his near future. Although Jared has landed many of the most romantic dates this season (hello, Cranberries!), he and Kaitlyn's connection may fizzle this week when he finds out she slept with Nick.

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Rumor has it Jared will appear on Bachelor in Paradise later this summer, where he strikes up a romance with none other than Kardashley — er, Ashley Iaconetti.

Kentucky Joe claims he is "done" with her

The Bachelorette

In a tense scene in the teaser for tonight, Kentucky Joe is seen storming away from Kaitlyn. As he takes off down a wooded path, Kaitlyn mumbles something to him. He emotionally responds with something to the effect of, "I'm not saying shit to you right now. I'm done with you," and later, "Don't talk to me right now. You know what you did was shitty."

Yikes. Could sweet Kentucky Joe, who has been nothing but moonshine and sweet nothings up to this point, be pushed over the edge this week? It sure looks that way to us. It's too bad, really. He was gosh-darn adorable. But, honestly, when has anyone from a two-on-one date ever snagged the final rose?

Shawn stops the rose ceremony

The Bachelorette

We know. We all want to meet Calvin Gosling Shawn's family. Alas, it may not be in the cards for our star-crossed lovers. In a clip of tonight's episode, Shawn is seen interrupting the rose ceremony. It appears that Kaitlyn is down to her final rose, and neither Shawn nor Nick V. seem to have a rose. Is being singled out with Nick V. the same week as finding out Kaitlyn slept with him simply too much for Shawn?

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Add to that clip the pictures of Shawn flirting it up in Nashville recently, and it would seem as though he and Kaitlyn do not get married and have little rapping Calvin-Harris/Ryan-Gosling-hybrid babies. Even if Shawn makes it through tonight, we predict Kaitlyn ultimately won't be able to get past his constant need for reassurance in their relationship.

Nick V. Uh...

The Bachelorette

As you can probably deduce, we've got nothing on Nick V. (unfortunately). So far, we've yet to see any major hint that he was headed anywhere but the final rose ceremony. So, perhaps the lack of a hint is a hint in and of itself.

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Our prediction? Jared and Kentucky Joe go this week. Ben H. will head home the following week, making him an easy pick for — you guessed it — the next Bachelor, even if we did have our hearts set on Ben Z. And, finally, Shawn and Nick will duke it out in the end for the final rose.

Do you think the hype is right? Will Shawn win the final rose and Kaitlyn's heart? Or will Nick V. wind up with Kaitlyn for his future wife?