The Good Wife: How Jeffrey Dean Morgan will breathe new life into Season 7

Swoon! The Good Wife showrunners announced today that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be joining Season 7 as a series regular. We’re, um, pretty stoked.

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Not a ton of information is known about Morgan’s role just yet. We do have a name and very brief description. Morgan is set to play Alex, a “calm, experienced hourly investigator.” He’ll definitely have a link to Alicia, too, as it’s been reported that she’s the one who hires him.

While the description is tiny, we’re already spinning with ideas. “Calm” seems like the perfect counterbalance to everyone in the firm. Even Alicia (Julianne Margulies), who is rather soft-spoken, still has an uptight air about her. It’s a world of power suits and power walking where the word “calm” just doesn’t seem to blend in. We’re also curious what Alex will be investigating. The description doesn’t say he’ll be working for the firm, so it sounds like he’ll investigate something in Alicia’s private life. Will this be part of a bid to right the wrongs done to her during Season 6’s elections, or will this pertain to her marriage?

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It’s also impossible to see Morgan’s name and not crave some romance. It seems as if Morgan became an overnight sex symbol the minute he appeared as Denny on Grey’s Anatomy. Even his role as the crusty but genuine soldier on Texas Rising had us fanning ourselves with little to no work on his part to look anything other than dirty, sweaty and old.

The Good Wife obviously has a strong, loyal following, or it wouldn’t have held on for seven seasons. However, it’s important to note that the show tends to cater to Millennials’ mothers and not Generations X or Y or Millennials themselves. Despite the fact that Morgan just recently turned 49, his role on Grey’s and as the super-studly Winchester dad on Supernatural has landed him plenty of younger fans. Will his appearance pull in newer, younger fans to The Good Wife? Possibly. But first, we have another question: Will he take his shirt off?

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