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Amy Duggar’s family secret may be deeper and darker than we thought

Amy Duggar has bragged about her relationship with her dad, Terry Jordan, but is the family harboring yet another dark secret?

Amy, a cousin to the 19 Kids and Counting branch of the family who is an aspiring country singer and has appeared on the show, was forced to admit she was born out of wedlock — a major, major no-no, according to the family’s strict Christian denomination.

Her mom and dad eventually married in 2006, but now new information hints that the scandal might be even deeper than imagined: Jordan might not be her biological father after all.

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According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Amy’s mom, Deanna Duggar, filed for a restraining order against Jordan back in 1992. In that petition, she wrote, “He said he was going to kick my ass if I didn’t allow him to see [redacted],” referring to a then 5-year-old Amy. “He has not paternal routes [sic].”

If you remove the spelling and grammar errors, Deanna’s complaint reads that Jordan has no paternal roots — implying that he is not, in fact, Amy’s biological father.

Of course, it could mean he just didn’t have a personal relationship with Amy at that point. We won’t know until — and if — Amy decides to tell us one way or another.

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