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Elizabeth Olsen handles her wardrobe malfunction like a boss (PHOTO)

Wardrobe malfunctions happen. But Elizabeth Olsen handled her skirt snafu gracefully in Paris on Saturday with the help of a clutch and a smile.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron actress had a pretty classic Marilyn Monroe moment that gave everyone a glimpse of her gorgeous long legs all the way up to her nude panties.

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Though she tried to hold down her skirt with her clutch, she was no match for the wind. Or those snappy photogs who still managed to sneak a peek.

But, rather than concede to embarrassment, the actress made the perfect “oops” face and then laughed it off after she got her skirt back in its proper place, falling about mid-calf rather than up near her waist.

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Despite the windy moment, the actress took the event with grace, definitely stunning with her navy mini skirt, white collared shirt and green and gold broach. She finished the look with some adorable silver peep-toe heels and a matching navy jacket.

The actress was in Paris for the Miu Miu Club launch of the first Miu Miu fragrance and croisiere 2016 collection at Palais d’lena, according to E! Online. She was joined by fellow actors Kiernan Shipka, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard.

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Olsen has yet to comment on that tricky breeze, but her expression really says it all. Wardrobe malfunctions happen. If anything, it proves the actress really is that flawless. The only thing she’s hiding under her skirt is another foot or so of a toned leg!

What’s your most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction story?

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