Party Down South 2: Karynda reveals how she felt about Kelsie and Hunter sealing the deal

I am so glad that Hunter and Kelsie realized they are good for each other and didn’t do anything super crazy to wreck their relationship while we were all out at different beaches partying it up.

Yeah, they were talking to other people, but they didn’t bring them home or make anything bigger out of the situation. They talked and realized they both misunderstood each other, and they want to start things over again. When you like someone the way those two like each other, you will do anything to make it work.

Raven was definitely enjoying herself at Undertow. I’m glad we finally decided to go away from Hogan’s Beach, where we could see the boys. I think that helped take a lot of stress off both of the girls so we could actually enjoy ourselves. In my opinion, Raven wasn’t trying to meet a new guy to date or even hook up with. She was just trying to find someone to occupy her mind, and she did. When she was drunk, she was talking about taking him home, but she knows better than to do that because Bradley would go crazy on her — and the guy — and the rest of the house. We definitely don’t need any of that.

During our last night at One Night Stand, Raven notices the bartender that Bradley likes is there. He may not have talked about her that much, but she is very attractive, and Bradley is single now, so why wouldn’t he talk to her? Raven tries to get her mind off of them talking while I try to find a man for her to talk to.

At one point, she saw a cute guy across the bar and asked me (as her wing-woman) to go talk to him. I asked the guy if he was single and, at first, he wouldn’t talk to me. Then I told him I didn’t want him, but that my friend thought he was cute. He looked at Raven and was like, “Oh yeah, she is cute, tell her to come over.”

At the time, I thought I was doing a good deed, but little did I know that Bradley was watching. He came up to me and said, “I know what you are doing.” He saw our house phone number written on my arm. I didn’t know our number by heart, so I had to get it from someone on our crew. I wrote it on my arm very, very big — whoops! Not my brightest idea.

I’ve noticed that Bradley and Raven don’t have the best of luck with each other when we’re out at One Night Stand. Every time we end up there, there’s always some type of argument between them. Duke and I refuse to stay away from that bar, though; it’s awesome, and we love the country music and the line dancing.

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I don’t know if you guys noticed, but Duke is always the one who takes care of everyone after a night of partying. He takes us to our beds, makes us sandwiches and holds our hair if we are throwing up (Ashton). No matter how much he’s been drinking, he still is our shoulder to lean on or our arms to carry. Actually, all of my roommates are good for having my back when I am super drunk. I am surprised they aren’t all big muscular body builders by now, from having to carry my big butt around for 50 percent of our vacations.

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When our road trip rolled around, we decided to have the boys and girls split up again. This was a good idea because that morning, Ashton and Bradley had already started arguing with each other over everything, so I knew if we were going to be mixed, then there were going to be some ugly fights.

The girls’ car was great. We played baseball with spoons and ping-pong balls, had some good girl talk and we played the “ABC game” — a must for any car trip. When we came across an archery and shooting range, we obviously had to stop so we could shoot skeet.

Competitive Bradley and Kelsie did the best, and each shot six skeet. Hunter, Ashton and Duke hit a couple. Raven and I surprised ourselves by hitting one. I have definitely shot skeet before, but I am so bad at aiming that I never hit the target. If we weren’t in a hurry to go mudding, I could have stayed there and shot all day long.

Party Down South, episode 9

We finally get to the mud bogs and our campsite, and it is awesome. There are people and big trucks everywhere. Immediately, we meet some locals who come and party with us. The mud bogs are awesome. Everyone there is nice and gives us free beer and food. Anyone that gives me free stuff is an immediate friend. These bogs are way different from the ones back home, so I am in heaven.

When Kelsie came and told me that she and Hunter sealed the deal, I was more surprised by the fact that she told me more so than the fact that it actually happened. Her telling me this meant that she felt comfortable and close to me, which made me feel awesome.

The next day, I hinted this news to Raven because I knew she wouldn’t say anything. I figured Ashton would, which is why I didn’t tell her. Little did I know that she heard me and would go straight to Kelsie and tell her. Hunter, on the other hand, kept this news a secret. Good for him! It’s definitely easier for guys to keep secrets like this.

Kelsie and Hunter, Party Down South

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When Raven gets drunk, she wants a little loving, so she tries to talk Bradley into going to bed. I am proud of Bradley for staying strong and telling her he’s not doing it. He finally took his balls out of her purse and put them back in his pants. I know if they hook up she could get emotionally attached again, and they’ll have to start all over. They have done awesome for a few weeks now, so why not keep it going?

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Duke and Chelsea are hitting it off like crazy. She has a crush on him, so I talk her into kissing him. I was so proud when Duke just grabbed her and went for it. I felt like a mom watching her kid grow up. I ended up falling asleep, so I missed Duke bringing home two girls. That had to have been awkward for him, but I think he pulled it off well. Watching this episode, I’m rooting for Chelsea since that’s who I was trying to hook him up with. #TeamChelsea

I can’t believe next week is the Season 2 finale!

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