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Alesha Dixon forced to defend her British Grand Prix performance

Alesha Dixon has been accused of “butchering” the national anthem at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone yesterday but why are people so quick to criticise?

Twitter users watching the television coverage of the Grand Prix wasted no time accusing the Britain’s Got Talent judge of putting on an American accent for the performance and pointing out that she got the words wrong.

Or, rather one word. Instead of singing the line “God Save The Queen,” Alesha chose the less traditional “God Save Our Queen”.

Cue an onslaught of disgruntled tweets and the predictable memes: 

Defending herself on the social media site Alesha insisted that her lyric choice was deliberate and that her American accent was simply “soul.”

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Alesha’s excitement couldn’t be dampened for long as she later tweeted that she had “an incredible day” and was “truly honoured” to be part of it, adding “God save our Queen!” as a defiant virtual two fingers to her critics.

One Twitter user pointed out that Alesha is the first person of colour to sing the British national anthem at a major sporting event. Which is perhaps what we should be talking about instead of analysing every word of her performance to find a flaw.

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