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23 Hilarious Paul Rudd interviews and outtakes that’ll make you LOL (VIDEOS)

With his new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and his starring role in Marvel’s Ant-Man, Paul Rudd is the toast of the town right now. But, should you need a few more reasons (as if!) to celebrate the hilarious actor, you’re gonna want to check out these obscenely funny videos.

1. “I’ve never been tooted on in an interview”

Like Paul Rudd, fart jokes never get old. Never. See also: Only Paul Rudd could pull off adorable while faux-farting for nearly three minutes.

2. “They’re going to have to call you back”

Oh, to be the poor reporter who got called out by Rudd. But, oh, to be the lucky gal who called and got intercepted by the funny guy!

3. “Let’s try this again”

We’re not even sure what is going on in this outtake from Role Models, but suffice it to say, Rudd thought it was pretty effin’ hilarious. And that, my friends, makes it impossible not to laugh at.

4. “That’s some serious bush”

Had you not seen the movie Wanderlust before, I’m betting you want to see it now. Tell me I’m wrong.

5. “I don’t miss her face”

If you ever want to lighten the mood during an uncomfortable, ahem, conversation, just recall Rudd’s face during this gem of a scene.

6. “Big woops”

J.K. Simmons telling Rudd, “Let me know when you’re ready,” is everything. Which reminds us: It’s time to watch I Love You, Man for the umpteenth time.

7. “Nuts to you!”

Would it be weird to say we’d gladly swap places with Reese Witherspoon so Rudd could yell “nuts to you!” at us?

8. “It takes on a life of its own”

If you haven’t already seen Wake Up, Ron Burgundy, go forth immediately after you finish reading this (naturally) and find it. Trust us.

9. “It feels like your leg”

He can’t even. He can’t even, you guys. And neither can we.

10. “This is the kind of stuff the government is watching”

Remind us why Tina Fey and Paul Rudd don’t make more movies together? We’d toggle over to them any time.

11. “Jingle jangle?!”

Sure, the original scene is funny as it is written. But the fact that Rudd couldn’t even finish out the scene because he was laughing so hard? We’re dying over here.

12. “F***, shit, shit, shit!”

How, and we ask this in all seriousness, can anyone work with Rudd and keep their focus? Between his comic timing, his uncontrollable giggling and, well, his face, we’d be goners.

13. “You’re not messing around”

While we love Emma Stone’s lip-sync battle with Jimmy Fallon, Rudd might actually have her beat. It’s a tough call. Can we get a Celebrity Lip Sync Death Match or something?

14. “This is what happens when you corner a rat”

Rudd and Leslie Mann are apparently no match for the obscene hilarity of Melissa McCarthy. And, you know, we can’t blame them. But how adorable is Rudd here, seriously?

15. “I can see!”

How this outtake came to be will remain a mystery to us all, but we’re so glad some twisted soul somewhere allowed it to happen.

16. “That’s hilarious”

You know what you get when you cross Seann William Scott, Rudd and a bunch of flubbed lines? Damn near perfection, that’s what.

17. “What’s your least masculine habit?”

Seth Rogen and Rudd have made several movies together and, as this clip so brilliantly proves, they need to make more. Many, many more.

18. “And what about the rebbies?”

Whatever “one of those days” is, Rudd seems to have them a lot. Perhaps some brilliant studio exec should make a movie reel of nothing but “those days.”

19. “Go f*** yourself”

Oddly, hearing about the abnormal hair growing out of the top of Rudd’s ear was one of the highlights of our day. Infer what you will from that.

20. “That’s the regulation brush”

Oh, Rudd. This trick isn’t funny when our significant other tries to pull it, but it sure looks cute on you.

21. “You are the frickin’ Ichiro…”

We’d trade our eye-teeth to go back in time and be on set for the filming of this scene. How many takes do you think it took?

22. “Otherwise, his head will fall off!”

Show of hands — who thinks Gideon the imaginary friend traffics in herbal refreshments, if you catch my drift?

23. “It’s totally wet.”

Forty sounds pretty good to us if you’ve got Rudd for a husband, even if he does forget to cap the water bottle in his pants. No, really. That’s not a euphemism.

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