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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family now has to deal with an ill-timed lawsuit

She is barely clinging to life in hospice care and could be just days from death, but that isn’t stopping one man from suing Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Russell J. Eckerman has filed a lawsuit against Brown over a car accident he said she caused just days before she was found unconscious and battered in her bathtub. According to court documents, Eckerman claims Brown was “traveling at an imprudent speed for conditions and was following too closely and improperly attempted to change lanes in order to avoid the vehicle stopping in front of her,” resulting in a serious crash that left him with multiple injuries.

Brown lost control of her 2005 Jeep Liberty, crossing the center line and colliding with Eckerman’s Ford Taurus.

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The plaintiff said his injuries left him in a medically-induced coma — not unlike the one Brown was in just days later after being found in the tub — and included a scalp laceration, a sprained left wrist and more seriously, facial, spinal and skull fractures.

Eckerman claims his medical bills were in excess of $732,610.22, but it is unclear how much he is seeking in damages.

Brown isn’t the only person named in the suit. Eckerman is also going after the third driver involved in the crash, as well as Ford Motor Company.

Meanwhile, the Houston and Brown families have gathered at Bobbi’s bedside to say goodbye, as doctors said there is nothing else they can do for her and have removed her from all life-sustaining medication.

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