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New Hannibal news proves the show is really over

It’s official: Hope for a Hannibal return is dead.

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When NBC canceled Hannibal 11 days ago, fans of the series were disappointed but remained hopeful that the show might continue on another network.

Now, Deadline has revealed some news that pretty much puts a pin in that hope: The show’s stars, Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen, have been officially released from their contracts. This news hits hard, so much so that our crying faces are on par with Claire Danes’ right now.

For those of you who are still clinging to that last remaining sliver of hope, shortly after NBC announced it was releasing the show’s two headliners, Hannibal executive producer Martha De Laurentiis tweeted that it was still possible the show would be picked up by another network. However, we’ve got to be honest with you: The chances of that happening are about as good as Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes signing up to do a reality TV show giving us insight into their marriage.

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Although it’s possible that Dancy and Mikkelsen could agree to new deals if another network expressed interest in the show, without Hannibal‘s stars currently under contract — and, therefore, free to sign on with other things — it’s unlikely another network will even give the show a sideways glance.

Deadline also articulates some other barriers to the show living on, namely that the creative powerhouse behind the show, Bryan Fuller, is already working on a new series, American Gods on Starz. But what about Hulu, we hear you asking, they helped Mindy Kaling out by picking up her show — isn’t that a possibility here? Not so much, unfortunately, given Hannibal has an exclusive streaming deal with Amazon, and those guys probably aren’t going to loosen the exclusive nature of that deal and allow another streaming service to swoop in and save the day.

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So, all that’s left to do now is mourn the loss and try to manage the bitter taste it leaves in our mouths.

Will you miss Hannibal?

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