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Eminem and Stephen Colbert were meant to collab — see their ‘interview’ (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert has proved himself to be the most amazing interviewer of rappers, so it stands to reason that a rapper will be his first guest on Late Night, right?

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Well, if Colbert’s most recent interview with Eminem is anything to go by, we may actually get our wish.

In a wonderfully bizarre turn of events, Colbert recently took over hosting duties for Only in Monroe, a public access talk show in the tiny town of Monroe, Michigan. Perhaps he feels that The Colbert Report didn’t quite provide enough practice to prepare him for the Late Show gig?

Whatever Colbert’s reasons for his Only in Monroe appearance, we are grateful because he gifted us with a truly hilarious interview exchange with none other than Eminem. Even the way Colbert introduces the rapper is LOL-worthy.

“My next guest is a local Michigander who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of music, Marshall Mathers,” Colbert, who continues to call the rapper “Marshall” throughout the interview, says. The video takes some interesting turns — our favorites are Colbert’s assertion that dreams die, his insistence on quizzing Eminem on how much he knows about Bob Seger and Colbert’s clear lack of knowledge about who he’s interviewing.

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Watch the video for yourself below (Eminem’s appearance begins around the 22-minute mark).

This interview has gotten us really attached to the idea that perhaps it’s a teaser for things to come and that Eminem will actually be Colbert’s first guest on the Late Show.

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Colbert’s interviews with rappers are some of his best work — we’re pretty fond of his segments with Lupe Fiasco and Kendrick Lamar, as well. Just looking at Colbert and his rapper interviewees in the same frame makes us laugh because of the stark juxtaposition. So, you can’t blame us for being really into the idea of Eminem being Colbert’s first Late Show guest. It would certainly be memorable.

Despite Colbert’s insistence that they die, we’re going to continue to dream about the possibility of that happening. And if it does actually happen, then we would like it acknowledged that you heard it here first.

Late Show With Stephen Colbert premieres Sept. 8 on CBS.

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