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Amanda Seyfried dishes on the downside to Mean Girls

Amanda Seyfried’s career could very well have stalled after Mean Girls.

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The gorgeous blond actress covers the August issue of Marie Claire U.K. and, in her interview with the magazine, she dishes on everything from love to motherhood to mental illness. Among the topics of discussion? Her famous role in the cult classic teen movie and what it was like to be stereotyped in Hollywood.

“After Mean Girls, I kept getting scripts for big-boobed blonde idiots. I could have so easily been Karen Smith my whole career,” she shared. “I realized that if I really wanted to work forever I was going to have to make the right decisions… that’s why I’ve made some tough decisions too, I’ve turned down some pretty big stuff. I didn’t want to be an action hero or in a f***ing green suit for like, ten years, because I don’t want to be miserable. I think happiness comes from being free.”

Seyfried, who turns 30 later this year and who has been dating Justin Long since 2013, also opened up about her relationship and, most notably, her desire to be a mom.

“I keep feeling like my eggs are dying off,” she admitted. “I need to get on it… I want a child. Badly. I want to be a mother, badly. That’s what I feel. I’ve been feeling it for like, two years. I’m not ready but nobody’s ready. It changes everything… so how you can ever be ready for that?”

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And even with a successful film career and a hot boyfriend, Seyfried admits that life comes with ups and downs, especially for those who suffer from anxiety, like she does. She tells Marie Claire that she sees a therapist regularly and wishes mental health issues could be less stigmatized.

“It’s coping with life. I’ve been told to not talk about it, but [anxiety] is so very common,” she said. “I just think, you go to your doctor about heart problems, or an eye doctor if you have an infection, you have to take care of yourself. Mental health is so segregated, it sucks. You don’t necessarily have to have something chemically wrong with your brain to have mental health issues.”

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