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Sick of Game of Thrones characters dying? Welcome to Cage of Thrones

Game of Thrones keeps ruining my Monday nights by killing all the hot guys and super-important characters.

It started off with Ned Stark (I love a man with a constant five o’clock shadow). Then we lost Prince Oberyn, whose death I am still mourning, by the way.

And now (spoiler alert!), even the show’s bastard child hero, Jon Snow, is dead. Unless you believe the rumours that he’s not really dead and he will miraculously open his eyes in Season 6 — rumours I actually believe, thank you very much!

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But if, like me, you have positively had enough of all the man candy disappearing, as well as all our other favourite characters being killed off from the show, you might want to take a look at a new website that is causing people to fall over themselves with joy and hilarity. Well, sort of.

Thanks to the geniuses behind a Game of Thrones page on Imgur called Cage of Thrones, actor Nicolas Cage’s face has been Photoshopped — and rather poorly, might I add — to each of the main characters’ faces, and it is pretty brilliant.

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So, instead of mourning the loss of some of our favourite characters on the show, we can instead focus on how seamlessly Nicolas Cage could step into the roles and take their place, if need be. Here are some of my favourites:

1. He doesn’t quite rock out that mop of hair like Ed Stark did, does he?

2. Stannis Baratheon lives on

3. The five o’clock shadow doesn’t look so great when he’s in a frock

4. He’s even made an appearance as Tyrion Lannister and the mother of dragons herself

5. Those curls. They almost look good on anyone. Almost.

6. And here he is rocking braids

7. Bran Stark has really lost his baby face in this one

8. Still looking as hardcore as ever. Nicolas Cage as Brienne of Tarth

9. Nicolas Cage can work those crazy eyes just as well as Ramsay Snow

10. Why isn’t Nicolas Cage a permanent member of the Game of Thrones cast yet? Should we start a petition?

I’m happy to have Cage of Thrones around until Jon Snow awakes from the dead in Season 6, how about you?

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