Kendra Wilkinson reveals medical issue that’s keeping her baby weight on (VIDEO)

Kendra Wilkinson is eager to lose that post-baby weight.

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There’s just one thing standing in her way. The model and reality star opened up about the challenges she’s faced with getting her body back on track after her second baby in a new interview with People magazine.

“After having both kids, they were both very different experiences,” Wilkinson reveals. “I lost my weight very slowly after Little Hank. With Elijah, I lost it really fast.”

But even though the baby weight is already gone, Wilkinson admitted she’s had some trouble getting her body back to the level of strength she had before her pregnancy, and there’s a common medical issue behind her struggle.

“Right now, I’m dealing with an umbilical hernia,” she continued. “So right now, I can’t really have my six-pack until I get it surgically fixed.”

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According to WebMD, umbilical hernias are a common pregnancy complication and are usually harmless. They happen when part of the intestine gets caught in the umbilical opening in a mom’s abdominal muscles. They’re more common in newborns and young children than in adults and, while umbilical hernias in kids will usually heal themselves, adults more often require surgery to get everything back where it belongs.

Still, while she waits to have her surgery, Wilkinson said she’s not using her medical problems as an excuse to slack off on taking good care of her body.

“I love being outside,” she said. “I love running around, hiking, tennis, golf — we love sports. Anything that involves fun, I’m in. But I need to go to the gym and just really concentrate on a good sweat. Health and fitness is my lifestyle, and that is something that I won’t quit.”

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Do you have any post-baby weight loss tips of your own? Head down to the comments and let us know what secrets worked for you.