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Sneak peek inside The Bachelorette‘s biggest rivalry ever (VIDEO)

Bachelorette frontrunners Nick and Shawn are about to face off in next week’s episode to win Kaitlyn Bristowe’s heart.

Kaitlyn will finally come clean about sleeping with Nick. Shawn, as expected, does not take the news well. At all.

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According to a source who spoke with E! News, “Shawn just couldn’t get over [Kaitlyn sleeping with Nick]. He was obsessed. He was more upset that it was Nick than anything else. He asked Kaitlyn, ‘Why him?’ He didn’t understand why, out of all the guys, it was Nick she had to sleep with.”

Though Nick came into Kaitlyn’s life mid-season and was greeted with skepticism by all the guys, most seemed to take a liking to him and accept him as part of the group once they got to know him. But definitely not Shawn, who took to calling Nick “the other guy.”

No doubt, Shawn’s refusal to accept Nick came from the threat he felt over Nick’s presence. Until Nick showed up on Season 11, Shawn was the clear frontrunner. Now things aren’t so cut and dry and Shawn is feeling the pressure. So much so that last week we saw him consider leaving the show.

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According to E! News, last week wasn’t even Shawn’s breaking point. It’s only going to get worse in the upcoming episode.

“Nick felt he had tried to get to know him and was rebuffed at every turn,” E!’s insider explained. “He didn’t have any respect for the way Shawn was handling himself. Shawn never gave him a chance.

“Nick and Shawn never end up making peace on the show,” the source added. “It’s one of the most bitter rivalries the franchise has ever seen.”

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And it will reach the height of its tension when Kaitlyn reveals she slept with Nick.

Check out the sneak peek below.

Are you Team Nick or Team Shawn?

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