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Teresa Giudice’s new book reveals the two things she does most in jail

The new excerpt from Teresa Giudice’s book proves she isn’t sugarcoating anything about her time behind bars.

Us Weekly shared the first look at her journal-turned-memoir on Wednesday, and it reveals mostly that Giudice cries a lot. And when she’s not crying, she works out.

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She said she watched the movie Jersey Boys in prison and the ending really hit a nerve for her. “I was crying and have been very emotional for the rest of the night,” she wrote in the January entry when she first arrived at prison.

She later adds, “I called Joe and he told me he was brushing Milania’s hair and Gia was videotaping him! I loved to hear that and I wish I was just there with them.”

She confessed plenty of other moments with her daughters also made her cry. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star said she broke down when Audriana asked if Giudice was coming home soon or if she could move into jail with her. Milania also asked if her mom was going to be home for her birthday on Feb. 2, which, Giudice wrote, “broke my heart.”

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And while we can imagine it’s hard to be away from your children and family, it’s still crazy to think that Giudice is going to make bank off of a book that basically just explains how she cried a lot. It’s prison. It isn’t supposed to be pleasant.

“I miss them so much,” she wrote. “They are all I think about all day long and I pray that God helps me go back home to be with my daughters and my husband.”

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A different entry, on Feb. 27, reads like this, “Woke up at 6:15, went to breakfast at 6:30, had French toast and oatmeal.

“Checked e-mails, drank my coffee and watched the news. Did yoga at 8:30 till 9:10. At 12:00 to 1:00 they had Black History Show. They had Spanish dancers and rappers and talking about black history and handing out questions about black history.

“Whoever answered those questions right gets a Hershey’s candy bar or a pack of tuna.”

These “journal entries” are expected to make Giudice a reported $3 million dollars.

Though the actual length of the book is unknown as of yet, I can’t imagine a hundred or more pages of this. They aren’t even complete sentences!

Will you buy Teresa Giudice’s tell-all book?

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