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Sherri Shepherd’s divorce agreement reveals one major surprise

Sherri Shepherd has been ordered to pay a pretty penny in child support for the baby she abandoned while he was still in utero.

The cohost of The View was determined to be the legal mother of a child she had via surrogate with her ex-husband Lamar Sally, despite leaving the marriage — and the unborn baby — before the birth. Now, according to TMZ, a court has determined she must pay $4100 a month in child support, increasing to $4600 when the boy turns 13.

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Shepherd agreed to the terms as part of her divorce settlement, which is surprising considering that she accused Sally of defrauding her into agreeing to the surrogate pregnancy as a means of getting child support out of her.

However, her agreement comes with a catch: She can still go after Sally in a fraud lawsuit for those circumstances, and if she wins, she won’t have to pay another dime in support ever.

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Now for the unexpected twist: Apparently, Shepherd and Sally have several more frozen embryos left over. She wants them destroyed, but he is undecided. If he goes ahead and uses them, he will not be able to go after her for child support.

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