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Difficult People‘s trailer will make you laugh until you cry

Hulu announced its original Amy Poehler-produced series Difficult People a while back, but now we’re finally getting our first official glimpse of the comedy. A hilarious teaser for the upcoming series, starring Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner, has just dropped and let’s just say, it’s making us more excited than ever for the August series premiere.

The premise of Difficult People is straightforward, just like its title suggests. As revealed last year, the show stars Eichner, the Emmy-nominated host of Billy on the Street, and that show’s head writer, Klausner, as a pair of best friends and aspiring comics living in New York City. It follows the duo as their “irreverent behavior lands them in some very awkward situations.”

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The concept sounds funny enough, and I think we can all agree that anything involving Poehler is probably a good thing, so the series has sparked my interest since the beginning. Still, as we all know too well, just because a show sounds good doesn’t mean it will deliver. Thankfully, from the looks of the first teaser, Difficult People is exactly as hilariously inappropriate as you’d expect it to be.

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The teaser is only about 40 seconds long, but even in that super-short time, it manages to make you laugh until you tear up. The clip gives us a glimpse at just the kind of antics that Klausner and Eichner will get into, with the two checking their phones and loudly complaining about being hungry while attending — wait for it — a funeral. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the duo then completely disrupts a moment of silence to ask where the nearest falafel place is. So terrible, yet so, so funny. Clearly, the show will live up to its name.

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Hulu hasn’t yet caught up to Netflix or Amazon in terms of original TV content, but from the looks of this teaser alone, Difficult People could help it do just that. With Klausner and Eichner’s obvious chemistry and Poehler behind the scenes, this could very well shape up to be your favorite new comedy. Not that we’d expect anything less from three Upright Citizens Brigade vets.

Difficult People will kick off its first eight-episode season on August 5, so get ready to laugh (and cringe).

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