10 Proudly Canadian films to add to your viewing list this weekend

Jul 1, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. ET
Image: Stephanie Philips/Getty

Canada Day is a great excuse to soak in some Canadian shorts and movies. This weekend, why not cross a handful of locally produced films off your list?

1. Not Pretty, Really

Not only does this documentary meet the Canadian requirement, it also discusses the benefits and, most importantly, the downsides of being considered pretty.


2. Toutes des connes

Claiming an award at the 2014 Fantasia International Film Festival, this short film has 95 scenes in five minutes.

3. Parkdale

This coming-of-age tale follows two sisters as they try to avoid another stint in the foster care system. With an award up its sleeve, this is a great one for the family.

4. Visit to a Foreign Country

Feel like you need to learn more about Canada in honour of the holiday? Explore Quebec in this movie.

5. Prey

Still missing Cristina Yang? Well, our beloved Sandra Oh is also in this Canadian short film. Do you really need any other reason to check this one out?


6. Gross Misconduct

Not much goes together quite like Canada and hockey. This film explores the life of ice hockey star Brian Spencer and his 10 seasons in the NHL before his life spiralled out of control in 1987, including his kidnapping and murder charges.

7. Burgeon and Fade

Mother-and-daughter relationships are put to the test in this short film, which also explores the insecurities of the middle-aged mother.

8. Fetching Cody

This critically acclaimed film follows a young boy on his quest through time as he tries to prevent the demise of the love of his life. It is also the debut film of Canadian rising star director David Ray.


9. Champagne

As the main character of this short film spends the night of her birthday at work, she reveals her long-held attraction to her co-worker.

10. Laurence Anyways

Winner of Best Canadian Feature Film at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, Laurence Anyways follows Laurence as he tells his girlfriend he wants to become a woman. Through his transition, they confront the prejudices of society as well as of their friends and family.


What Canadian films would you add to this list?

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