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Troubling relationship between the Duggars and their local PD uncovered

New information about the Duggar family’s relationship with their local police department has come to light, and it could mean a very serious criminal investigation has been compromised.

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An investigation by In Touch — the same publication that broke the Duggar molestation scandal — has revealed that the Duggars paid members of their local police force for additional security at both their family home in Arkansas and Josh’s new home in the days following his move back from Washington, D.C.

The job was arranged by Kate Gosselin’s former bodyguard, Steve Neild, who now works for the family.

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The problem? The Tontitown Police Department is actively investigating the family in a child endangerment case. On May 27, a Department of Health Services worker responding to a 911 call was refused entry to the Duggar home when attempting to check the welfare of an unnamed minor inside.

The Tontitown chief of police gave the OK for off-duty officers to provide additional security for the family, creating an obvious conflict of interest in the child welfare investigation.

Neither the police department nor the Duggars have commented on this new development as of yet.

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