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Kim Zolciak’s daughter posts witty video slamming boob job rumors (VIDEO)

Critics were convinced that Kim Zolciak’s daughter, Brielle Biermann, had had a boob job after she shared a picture of herself in a bikini that showed her looking a little bustier than usual.

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However, Brielle has taken to social media to slam the plastic surgery rumors, and revealed that her bigger bust was all down to her secret weapon — a really good bra.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the blond beauty posted a video that she captioned, “when the doctor forgets to put the implants in.” In it, she shows her chest to her 396,000 followers and addresses the speculation by saying, “So to those of you who think I’ve gotten a boob job, tell me where. Because I really don’t see how I could have gotten one. You only think that when I wear a really good bra and I’m not wearing one now.”

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Even though Brielle has defended herself against the boob job claims, it’s really sad that she felt the need to respond to her critics at all. Women should be empowering other women instead of finding negatives to focus on and bringing each other down. Brielle is a lovely young woman, and even if she had gotten a boob job, it’s her body, and if she’s happy then no one should have anything negative to say about it.

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Because, people, at the end of the day, it’s her life, not yours.

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